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Thai Department



The department of Thai, one of the nine languages offered at Mandalay University of  Foreign Languages, was first taught in 2016. Full-time Diploma courses and B.A courses have been running. Thailand which is the Mother Land of Thai Language is one of the neighboring countries of Myanmar. Besides, it is a member of ASEAN like Myanmar. It stood together with Myanmar for ages and has a long history.

By Learning Thai language, the neighboring counry existing close to Myanmar, one can get opportunities for jobs in cooperation between the two countries, companies, factories and workshops invested in Myanmar. In tourism, he or she can work not only in Tour service as a Tour Guide and Interpreter for Thai Guests but also in Translation Service for Thai films broadcast on Television Programmes, and Thai movie series. Being able to communicate in Thai Language can help those who want to go to Thailand for a visit, medical check-up, medical treatment, and for work or study. Moreover, the similarities and differences on Literature, culture, custom, traditions and attitude of the countries can be studied at the same time.




1. Daw Khin Thida Soe  Associate Professor (Head)
2. Daw Latt Phyu Oo  Assistant Lecturer
3. Daw Phyo Theint Tun Tutor