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No Author Name Volume Number Research Title Total Pages
Dr. Khin Mi Mi   A Study on the Principal Causes and the Ways of Developing Different Meanings of Antonyms with Multiple Meanings in Chinese Language 1
Dr. Aye Aye Win   New Year Customs of Chinese People Who were Born in Myanmar 8
Daw Nan San Htwe   A Study on Some Novels Written by Xu Junquan 16
Daw Kyu Kyu Mar and Daw Sandar Win,   The Use of Alliteration and Its Effects in Hopkin’s Poems 20
Daw Thantar Khaing   Effective Approaches to Learning Literature perceived by Third Year English Specialization Students from MUFL 30
Daw Sandar Win and Daw Kyu Kyu Mar   Improving Reading Comprehension Skills of HRD Students at Mandalay University of Foreign Languages by Using Reading Strategies 43
U Wai Yan Min Oo, Tutor, Daw Wai Yan Kyaw,   Needs of Teaching Speaking for Non-English Specialization Students in MUFL 55
Daw Hnin Hnin Nwe   The Difficulties Faced by Myanmar Students in Learning French Pronunciation 62
U Thant Zaw Oo, Daw Nway Nway Ei and U Aung Myat Hlaing   The most Influential Teaching Methods Used by Myanmar Language Instructors   70
10  Daw Myint Myat Soe,
Daw Aye Aye Hlaing
  A Comparative Study of Classifiers in French and Myanmar Languages  78 
11  Daw Nway Nway Ei   A Comparative Study of the French and Myanmar Table Manners   88
12  U Aung Myat Hlaing   The Use of Anglicisms in French Vocabulary: Principal Causes and Reactions of the French towards It   99
13  Daw Aye Aye Hlaing   An Evaluation on the Current Teaching Methods to Upgrade Writing Skill for B.A. First Year French Specialization Students of Mandalay  104
14  Daw Su Thet Paing and Daw Mi Mi Soe,   A Comparative Study on the Body Language of French and Myanmar People  110
15  Daw Yadanar Myint   Students’ Perception on Learning Business French subject: A needs analysis approach 122 
16  Daw Mi Mi Soe and Daw Su Thet Paing,   A Comparative Study of French and Myanmar Metaphors Referred to Animals  129 
17 Daw Swe Nwe Hmwe   Translation Procedures of Onomatopoeic Words from English into German found in the Novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone  136
18  Daw Win Win Than, AP, U Zaw Min Win   An Investigation into ʻ Word Formation using Prefixes in Japanese Language 145 
19  U Zaw Min Win   An Analysis of Word Formation using Suffixes in Japanese Language 153 
20  Daw Lae Lae Swe   The Assessment of Art on Japanese Short Stories 160 
21  Daw Khin Thuzar Myo   A Study of Japanese Compound Verbs from Japanese Intermediate-level Prescribed Text  166 
22  Daw Nay Chi Naing Win,   A Contrastive analysis of “~tekuru” (come) and “~teiku” (go) in Japanese and Myanmar language  173
23  Daw Nwe Ni Win   First Year Japanese Language Learners’ Attitude Towards the Use of “Memory Free Recall Method” in Learning Kanji 181 
24  Daw Tin Tin Htwe   A Contrastive Study of Korean and Myanmar Classifiers Focusing on Classifiers relating to things   188
25  Daw Mya Myint Zu   A Survey Study on Learning Korean Language through Korean Movies   199
26  Daw May Myat Thu   A Study of Traditional Russian Women’s Costumes  204 
27 Dr. Sandar Oo   A Study on the Characteristics of Myanmar Literary Essays  212 
28 Dr. Khin Than Htay   The Role of Spoken and Written Languages in Myanmar Language  218 
29 Daw Ei Ei Phyo   A Study of Eii Kyar Kway’s Satirical Writing Style in the book of Collected articles “My Fellow Writers Who are Still Alive” from Semantic Aspect 222 
30 Dr. Nyo Nyo Khin   The Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Cultural Diplomacy 227
31 Dr. Myint Tun Oo,  Daw Moe Moe Lwin , Daw Khin Ohmar Lwin and Daw Sein Sein Win,  Daw Thin Thin Lae   The Emergence of Early Municipalities in Myanmar 235
32 Dr. Maung Maung Htwe Dr. Cho Cho Thein,   Cardinal Virtues as Moral Norms from a Philosophical Perspective 246
33 Dr. Nwe Nwe Htun   A Study of American Hegemony in East Asia after the Cold War 254
34 Dr. Khin Pa Pa Aung   A Brief Study of Pāḷi and Pāḷi Derivative Myanmar Words Used to Name Departments of Some Specializations in Universities, Colleges and Institutes in Myanmar 262